Recruit.Agent is a red carpet for your talent

Your candidates and potential talent are a valuable part of your recruitment business model and it's only fair they get the treatment they deserve. The Recruit.Agent portal bolts on to your website and instantly gives your job seekers a place where they can control their applications and feed directly into your recruitment processes.

Sony tablet showing a website's homepage with two Recruit.Agent portal screens — the "Welcome"  and search results screens — cascaded over it.


Easy to setup and simple to use, Recruit.Agent packs a whole load of features into a candidate portal that simply bolts on to your existing website.

Fully customisable

We know that all recruitment businesses strive to create and maintain a unique service for their clients, and any portal solution will need to reflect that individuality. That’s why we’ve built each portal to be completely customisable. If there is something that your business needs and you think it would look great in your portal, let us know. Our developers will take your idea and make it work in your portal and improve your business.

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Who's using Recruit.Agent?


“We’ve been using the candidate portal since the launch of the website and have been very pleased with the results. For candidates the application process is quick and easy regardless of whether they are applying for a role, sending speculative details or wanting to communicate with someone in the PIE team. From an administrative point of view, the portal is very easy to navigate and information is simple to find and view.”

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